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Getting back on the road after a conviction

Convicted drivers need to get insurance, but not just at any price. You may have been convicted for a traffic offence in the past, but that does not take away your need to drive. You still need to go to work, perhaps drop the kids off to school, visit friends, go on trips, go to the store, or pick friends from the airport and a number of other things. Unfortunately, once you have had a conviction or two, most insurance companies shun you and will not want to insure you. Others insist that as a previously banned or currently convicted driver, you must pay an extortionate amount in premium before they can insure you. Fortunately, there are a few companies that are sympathetic and won’t hold your conviction against you too much.

These companies do not allow situations to cloud their business sense. They understand that you still need to drive like everyone else and so, they make it easy for you. These are the companies to look for when searching for convicted drivers insurance. Many of them even allow you to pay your premiums monthly, without a huge upfront deposit.

Give careful consideration to the insurance company you choose to be your provider when buying convicted drivers’ insurance. Different companies have different terms and conditions. Go for the company that offers you more choices, benefits and flexibility. Can you list multiple vehicles and drivers on the policy? A convicted drivers’ insurance policy that gives you the freedom to add drivers on your policy is preferable to one that does not.

Granted, your rates will definitely be higher than those of regular drivers. But this should not discourage you. Convicted drivers’ insurance falls in a niche that is also very competitive. You will find cheap rates if you carry out a thorough search. Bear in mind that the rates will vary depending on the charge you are convicted for. The best way to find cheap rates is by going to insurers of brokers who specialise in this type of policy; if you go to a less sympathetic one and they turn you down you will be obliged to point this out when you apply to others in the future, and this could make it even harder to find a good policy at the right price.

An even easier way to find quote is using a convicted driver car insurance comparison engine. These will avail many quotes which you can then compare and choose from. It is perhaps easier to say this than do it, particularly if a conviction has caused a drop in income, but: please remember that the cheapest policy is not always the best, so see what cover you're actually getting for your money. A cheap convicted drivers insurance policy isn't so cheap any more if it doesn't pay out when you need it to, because of some exclusions that you never got round to reading about.

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